Cost depends upon laboratory setting (physician-owned vs. reference laboratory), test complexity (moderate or high), test type, and the size/scope of the proposed test menu.

Chandler Laboratory Solutions offers comprehensive, client-centered technical training and clinical laboratory consulting services across all laboratory disciplines.

We specialize in method development, validation studies/protocols, implementing quality assurance programs, and reviewing compliance and regulatory standards. We are also experienced in short- and long-term laboratory management and supervision services.

Average fees for services include:

1. Laboratory Mock COLA Inspection – $3,000.00 (one-time fee)

2. Onsite Training of Sample Preparation/Instrument Familiarization – $5,000.00 (one-time fee)

3. Remote Reviewing and Reporting – $3,000.00 (monthly)

4. Laboratory Set-Up/Validation – $25,000.00 ($15,000.00 per additional laboratory site)

5. Method Development and Validation – $20,000.00 (one-time fee)

6. Laboratory Supervisor Fee – $5,000.00 (monthly)

7. Technical Consultant Fee – $3,000.00 (monthly)/$12,000.00 (per project or validation)

NOTE: All rates reflected are averages based on previous experiences and projects but are subject to change based on the nature and scope of the services requested.

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