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we are Chandler Lab Solutions

Chandler Lab Solutions provides a wide range of services designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your clinical laboratory. Our expertise lies in offering tailored technical training and comprehensive consulting services across all lab disciplines, ensuring your team is well-equipped to deliver optimal results.

My goal is to provide high-quality, industry-leading laboratory consulting and management services…
"My goal is to provide high-quality, industry-leading laboratory consulting and management services. I possess over 10 years of experience across all clinical disciplines and specialize in the development of method and validation study/protocols, implementation of quality assurance programs, review of compliance and regulatory standards, short and long-term laboratory management and supervision services, and laboratory budgeting. I am passionate about developing and fostering a positive laboratory work culture where clinical laboratory personnel feel valued, empowered, and motivated."

Matthew Chandler,

Owner/Technical Consultant

Breanna Campion,

Technical Consultant

She is passionate about innovation in clinical diagnostics, workflow optimization, and identifying testing methods that empower clinicians with the tools they need to optimize patient outcomes.

Nick Troyer,

Technical Consultant

His expertise in sample processing, data analysis, preventative instrument maintenance, research and development, and laboratory management is a significant asset to our clients.

DeAnna Gadzala,

Technical Consultant

She has introduced a wide range of testing methods for infectious agents across several laboratories, and she possesses an operational knowledge of many moderate and high-complexity PCR systems.

Kaitlyn Medina,

Technical Consultant

Her passion for science has led her to successfully develop and implement toxicology testing methods for blood, urine, and oral fluids. She has proven herself to be one of our most reliable problem-solvers.

Running a laboratory can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

When it comes to identifying a test menu, selecting appropriate analyzers and assays, and determining staffing volume and licensure/knowledge requirements, we have the experience and credentials you can count on to make these critical decisions easier.